... We turn on the city

Put together the City and its activities, the imminent arrival of the festivities and the desire to leave the house to have fun, to shop, for a sociable drink.

Aggiungeteci Vivijesolo, the Vivijesolo Card, the active collaboration of the City of Jesolo and Confcommercio, a schedule of events all to live and you will be immersed in Vivijesolo Week Out, project created and run by the communications company Next Italy Jesolo.

But first things first. From Thursday 8 see you on Sunday 18 December in town "things happen": of course, There will be events (The detailed program you can read on this page), but above all there will be a hundred activities, ready to offer special deals, promotions and opportunities of various kinds.

Recipients of this bendiddio will be the first of more than three thousand families living in the town in the possession of Vivijesolo Gold Card, which must be shown before any purchase or first use of a service, but as every self-respecting party should be the guest card here is the special edition, a valid card only that week, to be shared by all its, residents and not.

And then? Then from 8 to 18 December look for the logo Vivijesolo Week Out in the windows of participating activities and let groped: promotions will be really missed! Parola di Vivijesolo.

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